With extensive industry experience behind it, Biosecurity Services Asia provides real solutions for its clients to enable them to meet the most stringent Biosecurity/Quarantine requirements by Government agencies such as Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) Australia and MInistry of Primary Industries (MPI) New Zealand.

Biosecurity is not a single line defense at the border, rather it is a multi layer system that begins at point of origin, incorporates the border and continues post border at port of discharge.

Our goal at Biosecurity Services Asia is to manage Biosecurity risks at point of origin prior to shipping allowing reduce intervention from Government Departments and reduce cleaning/treatment costs, unnecessary delays at port of discharge.

Our team works in partnership with the receiving authorities and holds numerous accreditation’s including QAAP, AFAS Methyl Bromide Fumigation Standard and MVIP.

Biosecurity Services Asia offer a wide range of services including Biosecurity/Quarantine Inspections, Fumigations and Heat treatments, Cargo/Machinery Cleaning Services, Project Biosecurity Management, Packing/wrapping Services, Commercial Pest Management.

They thought it was clean enough….we didn’t!!